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Employee Information

Job title
Government Professor

Key responsibilities
Teach American Government and Texas Politics

Department Of Social Sciences
Social Science and Humanities

Richard Cinclair

Direct Reports

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Biographical Information

University of Texas @ Dallas
1998 Ph.D. Candidate

St.Mary's University
1996 Masters Public Administration

St.Edward's University
1994 Bachelors Science Politcal Science Minor Business

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Current Projects

Project 1
Developing an online system for students
Project 2
Writing an academic Study guide
Project 3
Formation of The Newman Group LLP., Egovernment Firm

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Contact Information

Street address
3730 Motley Dr. Mesquite, Texas 75150-2099

Electronic mail address

Web address

Office phone

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Online Testing Center

Please Read Carefully
The Online Testing Center is provided to students enrolled in Professor Newman's American Government courses. Students must have permission to access the site from the professor.

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Fall Schedule 2005

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  • Spring 2005 Syllabus
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    Lecture Outline

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    Homework 2301

    Homework 2302
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    Homework 4
    Homework 4
    Homework 3
    Homework 3
    Homework 2
    Homework 2
    Homework 1
    Homework 1

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